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Imagine being deeply connected with yourself,

feeling fully and authentically you,

and pursuing your dreams with confidence.

Give yourself some space and anything is possible!

Reiki Reset is a three or six month package of Reiki healing designed to support you the ways you need and help you make the shifts you want.

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Does any of this sound familiar –

You know you want more from your life – but maybe you don’t quite know what that is?

Or you do know, but you don’t know how to get there.

You know the answers are somewhere inside you – but haven’t found the key to unlock them?

Or you just crave some peace and quiet, and a moment to yourself!

We are living through transformative times

And many of us are making new and different choices that will better support the person we want to be and the life we want to lead


Do you want to find a job that brings you more fulfilment and meaning?

Relationships that are more nurturing and joyful?

A more loving connection with yourself?

A clear head and calm mind?

More energy?

Less worry?

More empathy, compassion, gratitude and peace?


Friend, I’m here to help!

I know what that stuckness and uncertainty feels like. It can be lonely and frightening. What should be inspiring and exciting can become paralysing and frustrating.

I’ve been there ... but found my way through! I’d lost my own voice and was blaming everyone and everything else for my problems. I had beliefs about myself and my place in the world that weren’t helpful. And honestly, I was eating a lot of chocolate and drinking a lot of wine!


But through Reiki, by tuning into my body, heart and intuition, I’ve slowly found my way back to myself. I found a way to be authentically me and feel like I’m enough (because I am, and so are you!). I’ve found new passions and reignited old ones. I’m more my true self than ever before and have a greater sense of peace and joy than ever before.


I don’t get it right every day – we are all a work in progress.


The most important thing is to show up for yourself. Give yourself time.

Do the work and allow the Universe to meet you halfway.


Are you ready to invest in yourself and make a change?


Reiki Reset is your opportunity to:

Take time out of the day-to-day

Nourish your mind, body and soul

Breathe into the depths of your being

Explore the whispers of your heart, no matter how soft they might be right now

(or maybe they’re raging and you just can’t ignore them anymore!?).


                 "Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground.

                 There's no greater investment in yourself" - Stephen Covey

This is for you if you're ready to …

Take responsibility for your life, hopes, dreams and visions – but right now you feel stuck or lost.

Connect within yourself and uncover your true essence – but need to make space to get still and listen.

Uncover and heal what’s holding you back – but are daunted at the prospect of doing that alone.


I believe that we can all connect more deeply with ourselves.

And by doing that we become more fully ourselves, pursue our dreams and passions, and connect with something greater than ourselves.

In the space between all of this there is magic and meaning.

On the other side is a deep feeling of ease, hope and energy.

As a guide, teacher and healer I’m here with you on the journey.

I will show up as my most authentic self, so you can too. I will live my values, so you can too. I will hold space for you to talk, cry, laugh, learn, explore and grow. It’s serious work – but we’ll have some fun along the way!


All my life I’ve been searching for answers. I have (and still) look for them in books and teachers. I looked for it at the gym and in food. But I kept coming back to yoga and then found Reiki. As spiritual practices both are designed to help us connect with our true selves. They are transformative, but take time and commitment to yourself and the process.

“Diana is a true professional, her work is grounded on yoga, Reiki and the psychology of the soul. I found it gave me more confidence to bounce back and be more resilient … It helped me in reducing stress and tension to be more balanced physically and emotionally” – Amy

I'm ready! Sign me up!

(Email Diana if you want to really get deep with a 12-month Reiki Reset!)


So how does it work?

​​Reiki Reset is a package of monthly 1:1 Reiki healing sessions and some awesome bonuses.

You can choose from either three or six month packages (or twelve months if you're super keen!). It's a commitment to yourself. It's a chance to rediscover yourself, balance your energy and go out into the world clearer and more grounded.


There's so much you can work through and achieve in a few months, and I'm here to support you move away from the stress and anxiety of this year so you can head toward 2021 with renewed confidence and ease.


Each 75-minute session is a live distant Reiki healing (via Zoom, from the comfort of wherever you are), which will balance your energy and clear whatever is ready to shift and transform.


Reiki is a journey back to yourself, whether you're wanting to leave something behind, create something new in your life or take time to rest and recharge (or all of the above!).


Whatever your intentions, Reiki will work with you in the way you need. And over time you will be able to look back and see the changes in your life.


What you'll get

In addition to monthly Reiki healings your bonuses include:

Journaling 101 ebook to get you started or deepen your practice

‘What Lies Within’ guide to a self-healing practice you can do at home

Unlimited email support


Plus, I'll plant a tree on your behalf via!

Your investment


for either 3 or 6 months

“It was magical. Diana is such a beautiful soul and I felt at ease during the whole session. Her gentle and kind nature is wonderful and made me feel safe and as though I was connecting with a good friend the whole time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” – Amanda


Whether it’s a big or a little shift you’re looking to make,

this is the perfect investment as you start to imagine and envisage the future.

Working with me you can rediscover and reconnect with yourself AND something greater.

You'll probably laugh, cry, have moments of confusion and moments of clarity.

Together we'll learn, heal and grow.

Interested, but not quite sure it’s for you?

Book in for a free 20-minute Discovery Conversation (Zoom) and we can chat about it more, including any questions you have about Reiki and starting to look at what your intentions might be. No obligation, no sales pitch!


You might also prefer to book a single healing session to experience the power Reiki for yourself.

Or reach out to Diana by email with any questions you have -

“Diana is such a caring and gentle person, and she put me at ease and I felt very relaxed throughout the reiki session … For anyone who is needing some inner healing, calm, and/or clearing of mind and spirit - go and have a session with Diana. As a returned customer, I highly recommend her.” – Evan

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.

Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you,

so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place" - Paulo Coelho

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