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A simple but powerful way to reconnect with your true essence

“At the centre of your being you have the answer:
You know who you are and you know what you want” - L
ao Tzu

What is Reiki?

Founded in Japan in the early twentieth century by Mikao Usui, reiki (pronounced 'ray-key') translates as universal (rei) life force energy (ki) - the energy around us and within us all. It is a spiritual practice, a healing practice. It is a mindset and way of being that can transform your life.


It delves into your own truth so it can be seen and healed. It takes off the blinkers that are narrowing your vision and removes the lampshades that are clouding your heart, so that you can see what needs to be seen, heal what needs to be healed and create what you are destined to create. 


It’s power - personal power, deep power of purpose and meaning. 

It’s connection - to yourself on all levels, to others, to universal consciousness and the divine.

It’s love - love at its most simple and pure; a love that surrounds and connects and heals.


It’s who we are and what we’re here in this place, at this time, to do. It draws together all the threads of your life to bring in clarity and change.


How can it help me?

From my own experience, I know how simple yet powerful Reiki is at helping you get to know yourself more deeply, and love and appreciate that person! It connects you to your heart and soul, calling in the wisdom of your ancestors, spirit guides and all that is.

Reiki can support you through life changes, at times of stress and uncertainty, and with illness or pain.

It's also maintenance for your body, mind and spirit, building resilience and inner resources to cope with whatever life throws at you and helping you make choices aligned to your true self.

Whether it’s a hands-on or distant healing, one-on-one or in a group setting, through Reiki training or your own home practice, the intelligent energy of Reiki will work with you in whatever way it needs to and in the ways you're ready for!

1:1 Healing

Nourish your mind, body and soul

Every healing you have is like slotting in another piece of the puzzle, so you can supercharge your vision of your best life, and understand what’s stopping you living that vision. 


If nothing else, a Reiki healing is time to stop, breathe and connect with yourself, which we can all do with more of in this often chaotic and confusing world so full of distraction.

Healing sessions can be booked individually or in a 'Reiki Reset' package of three or six months. Reiki is often most beneficial over more than one session, so committing to series can be a great investment in yourself. 

Sessions are available online via Zoom or through Distant Healing. If you would prefer an in person session in your home, please get in touch and we can work something out!

Reiki 1 Training

Awaken the healer within

This first step into Reiki training is primarily a journey for the self, to connect you to a beautiful lineage of healing and self development. 


During the two day course you'll learn about:

- The history of Reiki

- The five elements of the practice, including meditations

- The Reiki precepts

- What energy is and various energy systems

- Performing a Reiki healing for yourself, family and friends

By exploring these foundational Reiki teachings and learning hands-on-healing techniques, you'll have those tools for life. With practice, over time, Reiki is a beautiful and safe way to help you manage the day-to-day challenges of life and a complementary therapy you can share with family and friends.

Reiki 1 could be for if you want to:
- Feel more connected with yourself 
- Open your heart to the abundance of life
- Unwind layers of conditioning and uncover the true you
- Ease pain, reduce stress and support your body's innate ability to heal.

Upcoming dates:

Dates for 2023 will be confirmed soon

Reiki 1 training is normally held over two consecutive Saturdays, running from 9.30am - 5.30pm on both days

Your investment: $333


If you're interested in participating in the future, get in touch by email and you'll be the first to know when the new dates are scheduled.

Curious? Want to know more?


Book a free discovery conversation with Diana

Let's get to know one another! I know signing up for healing work such as Reiki can be a big step. Or you're feeling the call to Reiki training. This 20-minute video call will give you an opportunity to find out more about Reiki and what your journey with it might look like, as well as ask any questions you have. There's no obligation and no hard sell - just a chat to check that this right for you!

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