Reiki is universal energy, grounded in love.


It will work with you in whatever way the recipent needs and is ready for, so that they can see what needs to be seen, heal what needs to be healed and create what needs to be created.


A Reiki healing is time to stop, breathe and connect with yourself, to invite clarity and change into your life. It is a 75 minute session, and can be done in person (in Melbourne) or online via Zoom.


And a personalised flower essence blend is the perfect way to deepen and support the integration of the healing.


Humble Phoenix flower essence blends are supercharged with Reiki for extra healing goodness, and are accompanied by notes on the healing intent of the blend and ongoing email support. 


Each 30mL bottle is about one month's supply of the recommended dose of 7 drops under the tongue in the morning and evening.


Please note: Flower essence blends include a small amount of brandy, which acts as a preservative. The recipient of this voucher can choose not to include the alcohol. This won't impact the effects of the essence, but its shelf life may be reduced.


More information about Reiki and Flower Essences

Reiki + Personalised Flower Essence gift voucher

  • * When you purchase this gift voucher you will receive a link to download the voucher on the Thank You page after checkout. You can then choose whether to print it or send it to the recipient electronically. A link will also be emailed to you, which will be accessible for 30 days.


    * Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase


    * The Reiki healing is available in person (in Melbourne) or online via Zoom.


    * Postage costs for the flower essence to anywhere in Australia are included in the total price.