A special blend of five Australian Bush Flower Essences, which may be helpful when you feel mentally or emotionally stuck, flat or aimless. This blend is designed to:

  • Increase motivation, focus and playfulness
  • Help you find and follow what lights you up
  • Support you to pursue life goals and purpose
  • Release fear and negative feelings, espeically from the past.


All blends are supercharged with Reiki master symbols. It is accompanied by notes on the healing intent of the blend, and ongoing email support is always available. 


How to take your essence: Use the built in dropper to take 7 drops under the tongue on waking in the morning and retiring at night. Each 30mL bottle is about one month's supply.


Please note: Flower essence blends include a small amount of brandy, which acts as a preservative. If you would prefer this not be included, please indicate this when placing your order. This won't impact the effects of the essence, but its shelf life may be reduced.

Passion Flower Essence Blend

  • $8.95 delivery cost for postage within Australia