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You are the light!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When I came across this quote a while back I fell in love with it!

"But my darling, there's no such thing as the light at the end of the tunnel. You must realise that you are the light!" - Evan Sanders, The Better Man Project

‘Light’ was my word a couple of years ago, and it’s still so resonant.

When I’m in my darker places, it does feel like there’s no end to the tunnel I’m in … I can’t see a way out … until I realise that it’s only me that can do it; only me that can change something, make a decision or take some action (no matter how small).

I get to a point where something reminds me to not be a victim or a martyr, but to nurture myself, step into my own power, and let that light from within lead me through. It might be as simple as reconnecting with myself through meditation or yoga, or as elaborate as a career change (the seeds of Humble Phoenix started at least five year ago!).

Often it’s just acknowledging – out loud – that you’re stuck. Reaching out to a trusted friend or perhaps a professional of some kind (hello fellow healers, and psychologists, coaches, yoga teachers, GPs…) may be just the spark you need. So many times for me, putting that intention out there is enough to kick the wheels of action into motion. Asking for help is crucial.

Where have you seen this in your own life?

How do you find your way out of the dark?

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