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Quickly find and heal the hidden cause of what's holding you back

“Your true answers are below the surface of the daily mind” - Tama Kieves

What is mind detox?

The Mind Detox Method, created by Sandy Newbigging, helps you heal the underlying, mind- and emotion-based causes of problems in your life. It is based on the philosophy that it’s not what happened to you that’s a problem, but the meaning your brain unconsciously attached to that event in order to make sense of it - which can create limiting beliefs and persistent negative emotions.


Going through a mind detox process is like giving your mind and body permission to heal, by letting go of judgement and resistance. It goes beyond the surface to identify and clear the reasons you aren’t getting what you want in life so you can get the results you want, and live with more inner peace, love and contentment.

How can it help me?

The Mind Detox Method can help to heal the root cause of what is frustrating you, giving you pain or anxiety or holding you back from what you want. The five-step process uses a series of simple but powerful questions to tackle a range of physical, emotional or lifestyle issues. It can support you to:

  • Let go of negative emotions (like anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief)

  • Change limiting beliefs that are blocking your enjoyment and success in life

  • Overcome unhelpful habits, behaviours and addictions

  • Resolve the emotions that may be negatively impacting your body and health

  • Increase your energy and feel more confident and alive.

Sessions can be booked individually or in packages of three. While you can get huge shifts from just one session, Mind Detox is often most effective over a number of them. Sessions are available in person in Ascot Vale (Melbourne) or via Zoom.

Curious? Want to know more?


Book a free discovery conversation with Diana

Let's get to know one another! I know signing up for healing work such as Mind Detox can be a big step. So this 20-minute video call will give you an opportunity to find out more about Reiki and what a session with me might look like, as well as ask any questions you have. There's no obligation and no hard sell - just a chat to check that this right for you!

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