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Simple but powerful remedies that activate your innate healing powers

"Life is a process of becoming" - Anais Nin


What are the flower essences?

For generations, our ancestors and Indigenous cultures around the world have used plants as their medicine. As we do as humans, plants hold energetic vibrations. When these are captured in water and preserved with a small amount of alcohol, they become an incredible healing tool. 

Having grown up in Australia and feeling a deep connection to this land, I have chosen specifically to practice with Australian Bush Flower Essences (rather than other options available). It is a range of 69 flower and plant essences gathered from across the country - from Broome, to Uluru and Kata Tjuta, to the outskirts of Sydney and mountains of Tasmania - with the blessing and assistance of local Aboriginal people.


Each essence has a specific healing gift, ranging from physical ailments and clearing emotional blocks, to supporting you through a range of life circumstances (such as grief, surgery or transition periods).

How can they help me?

Flower essences are a natural and gentle remedy, suitable for all ages. With so many essences, there's one that is perfect for what you're wanting to heal, call in or deal with - plus thousands of possibilities for blends of more than one essence that fine tune their power! They beautifully complement other healing activities, including medications.

I have developed four unique blends targeting the things so many of us want in modern life. They are a great place to start if you're curious about flower essences.





A personalised flower essence is a perfect way to support your specific circumstances at this time - the emotions or specific past or present issues you are wanting to heal. Building on your intention I tune into that energy and intuitively select a number of essences - normally three - that work intelligently together to bring that intention to life. Sometimes they're not what you'd expect, often targeting underlying rather than surface issues - but they're always spot on!

My flower essence blends are supercharged with Reiki master symbols for even deeper healing.

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